This website and/or application (“SIERRA Website”) is managed and operated by PT Global Niaga Internusa (“Company”). In running and managing this Platform, the Company applies a Privacy Notice to set out procedures for protecting and using the information you provide when using this Platform service.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. If we ask you to provide certain information that can be identified when using this SIERRA Platform, then that information will be used in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

By accessing and using services on the SIERRA Platform, you are deemed to have read, understood, and given our consent to the collection, processing, disclosure and use of information as well as your personal data.


To support the services provided by the SIERRA Website, we will collect personal data and other personal information including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, email, credit card number, transaction history, product information purchased, and other information that may be required (“Personal data”).

The process of collecting, processing and storing Personal Data through the following mechanisms:


Personal data/information submitted independently and voluntarily by you, including but not limited to when:

  1. Registration or filling in digital forms provided by the Company in using SIERRA services through the SIERRA Website:
  2. Making agreements with the Company or other documents provided to the Company and/or through the SIERRA Platform:
  3. Provide personal data when accessing and/or using services from third parties who have officially collaborated with the Company or SIERRA:
  4. Provide additional information to SIERRA in the form of photos, writings, videos, product delivery, sending questions, comments or other responses regarding the SIERRA Website.


We always manage the information and Personal Data that has been obtained by following the appropriate rules and security standards. The data or information that we obtain will be used for the benefit of users, including but not limited to:

  1. Validate and confirm product orders purchased or services used by users, including the process of sending/taking product orders and recording payment transactions;
  2. For the purposes of market research or development of the SIERRA Website so that the Company can improve and/or make adjustments to the SIERRA Website, to provide the services and/or products that are most in demand by you:
  3. Provide information/send promotional information periodically to you when there is an offer and/or promotion for new products, special offers, or other information that we deem necessary on the SIERRA Website:
  4. Collect transaction data between you and us and or our business partners, including information about your transactions for the products and services we provide;
  5. Facilitate communication between users and the Company’s consumer service department and our business partners, if there are problems related to the use of transaction services on the SIERRA Website:
  6. Providing and facilitating payment transactions made by users on the SIERRA Website including, among other things, the process of confirming and sending user orders;
  7. Our internal/administrative records are in the process of collecting and analyzing service user transaction data;
  8. Carry out the Company’s obligations in connection with the implementation of cooperation with third parties;
  9. To administer a sweepstakes, promotion, survey, market research or other relevant matter which is intended to be made available to users;
  10. For further publication, distribution, promotion, marketing and business development purposes of the Company and/or the SIERRA Website; or
  11. For the purposes of audits and/or other inspections related to the use of the SIERRA Website including examination of alleged violations of the terms and conditions of the SIERRA Website by users.


The company will not transfer, sell, distribute, disclose or lend information as well as your Personal Data to other third parties except under the following conditions:

  1. When required by law or compliance with the law (legal compliance) based on the laws and regulations in force in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia:
  2. If required by our partners in the context of carrying out their work such as order fulfillment, delivery/taking orders, processing payment transactions, sending letters/email/SMS/other communication media, data analysis, assistance services, fulfillment of search results, enhancing security and privacy systems, and improvement and development of the SIERRA Website.
  3. If a disclosure process is required for other parties who have signed a confidentiality agreement with the Company.
  4. We may disclose to other third parties who act as our service providers to help us provide services to users. These service providers include delivery service providers (expedition/forwarding), the provision of partnership services (business relation seller care), consumer service providers (customer service), and payment transaction service providers.
  5. We may share Personal Data information with other third parties to support our needs in order to improve and develop the Company’s marketing interests and business development.


As a service provider, we have records of data and information from each user. As the owner of the Personal Data, the user has the right to obtain information related to personal information and transactional information such as payment and payment methods, product delivery, transaction lists and some information related to user data.

In addition, users can make changes and improvements to user personal data through the mechanisms we have prepared by following applicable legal rules. By following and using these procedures, we consider the data provided to be valid data in accordance with the facts and law of data ownership and/or after obtaining approval from the data owner.

We may charge users administrative fees for handling requests to access, modify, or correct user Personal Data.


We are committed to ensuring that the information you provide to us is secure. To prevent unauthorized access, we take necessary physical, electronic and managerial procedures to protect your information that we collect.


As a service provider, we will store Personal Data as long as the user uses the Website or as long as the user’s account is still active.

Companies can delete Personal Data in accordance with applicable legal provisions, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  1. The user’s Personal Data is no longer needed to fulfill the purpose of collection;
  2. Storage of the user’s Personal Data is no longer necessary to fulfill compliance obligations with applicable legal provisions; or
  3. Users submit requests for deletion of Personal Data on the SIERRA Website.

In the event that a user submits a request for deletion of Personal Data, the user needs to be aware and understand that:

  1. There is a possibility that the user’s Personal Data is shared with other parties. In the event that the Company shares user’s Personal Data with an authorized implementing agency and/or other agency appointed by the government to cooperate with the Company, the storage and processing of Personal Data by that agency will follow the Privacy Notice of each relevant agency;
  2. The company deletes users’ personal data with reasonable efforts where there is a possibility that the company cannot delete all data or information that has been made available or published on the SIERRA website.
  3. The company has the right to refuse requests to delete user Personal Data processed by the Company if permitted or required based on applicable legal provisions. This also applies to requests for deletion submitted by users with reasons that the Company deems to be baseless, not serious, or impossible.



Users can submit questions, comments, or other needs in connection with this Privacy Notice, including requesting the deletion of their personal data by contacting the SIERRA Admin Team by telephone at +62 896-3761-0897 (Whatsapp), (+6221) 4064 2051 (Call ), or email