These Terms and Conditions contain all rules and conditions that bind you automatically when you carry out activities such as visiting, registering as a user, making transactions, using the SIERRA application, using available software, or when you enjoy all the features and facilities provided by SIERRA.

By accessing or using the SIERRA site, users are deemed to have understood and agreed to all contents in the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions can be changed or updated at any time without prior notification. Changes to the terms and conditions will take effect immediately after being posted on the SIERRA website. If the user has objections to the terms and conditions that SIERRA has submitted in this Agreement, then SIERRA recommends not using this site.

A. Site Terms of Use

When visiting and using the SIERRA site, including every feature and service, each user is required to comply with the following site user conditions:

  1. Users who are at least 18 years old, or have been married, or who have legally recognized requirements are included in the category of adult users / regardless of child protection laws.
  2. Access to this site is only permitted for the purposes and interests of shopping and information related to the services of this site.
  3. Users are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, display, sell, rent, transmit, create derivative works, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or exploit the SIERRA site.
  4. Users are not permitted to load and publish content that:
    • Violating any copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade secret or other proprietary right.
    • Threatening, obscene, obscene, pornographic or may give rise to any obligations under Indonesian civil or criminal law or international law.
    • Contains bugs, viruses, worms, trapdoors, trojan horses or other malicious code and properties.
  5. SIERRA always strives to keep services safe, comfortable and functioning properly, but SIERRA cannot guarantee continuous operation or access to SIERRA Services can always be perfect. Information and data on the SIERRA website may not occur in real time.
  6. The user agrees that while using the SIERRA service at the user’s own risk and the SIERRA service is provided to the user on an “as is” and “as available” condition.
  7. SIERRA reserves the right to replace, modify, suspend or discontinue all or any part of this Site or the Services at any time or after giving notice as required by applicable laws and regulations. SIERRA may also launch certain Services or certain features in beta versions, which may not work properly or in the same way as the final version, and SIERRA shall not be liable in such case. SIERRA may also limit certain features or limit your access to parts or all of the Site or Services at its sole discretion and without notice or liability.

B. Intellectual Property Rights

Global Niaga Internusa is the sole owner or legal holder of all rights to the SIERRA website and site content. All content contained on the SIERRA website includes intellectual property rights that are protected by copyright laws and other laws that protect intellectual property that apply throughout the world. All property rights and intellectual property rights to the SIERRA website and its contents remain with SIERRA, its affiliates or the licensor of the SIERRA website contents. All rights not included in this agreement or by SIERRA are hereby protected by law, including:

  1. Entire ownership of the software.
  2. The name SIERRA, associated icons and logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify or post the marks mentioned above for personal gain and to discredit SIERRA.

C. Buyer Account, Refund, Password and Security

  1. Becoming a Registered User, the next purchaser will be referred to as a “SIERRA member”, free of charge/free.
  2. By choosing to create an account as a member of the SIERRA website, a SIERRA Member will create an account name and password when completing the registration process.
  3. SIERRA members who register must fill in data information that is true and as clear as possible.
  4. SIERRA without prior notification to the User, has the authority to take the necessary actions for any alleged violation or violation of the Terms & conditions and/or applicable laws, namely actions in the form of listing cancellation, account suspension, and/or account deletion.
  5. SIERRA has the right to permanently close a SIERRA member’s account if fraudulent transactions are found that are detrimental to SIERRA. SIERRA may also impose penalties and/or compensation for losses due to fraud or violations committed.
  6. SIERRA members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their accounts and accountspassword and is fully responsible for all activities on behalf of the Registered User’s account name.
  7. SIERRA members agree to:
    • Immediately notify SIERRA of any suspected misuse of your member account.
    • Ensure that SIERRA Members leave (log out) of the account at the end of each session of activity on the SIERRA website to avoid possible misuse of the account in question.
  8. SIERRA has the full right to limit, block or terminate the service of an account, prohibit access to the SIERRA website and content, services, and slow down or delete hosted content, and take legal steps to protect SIERRA members or other users if SIERRA considers SIERRA members or other users to violate applicable laws, violate the intellectual property rights of related parties, or commit a violation that violates the matters stated in the Agreement This.
  9. SIERRA members are prohibited from creating and/or using devices,software, other features and/or tools aimed at manipulating the SIERRA system, including but not limited to:
    • Manipulating data
    • browsing activity (crawling/scraping)
    • Automation activities in buying and selling transactions, promotions, etc
    • Other activities that can reasonably be assessed as system manipulation actions.
  10. SIERRA never asks for account passwords, SMS verification, or OTPs belonging to user accounts for any reason. With this, SIERRA urges users not to provide this data to any party, either a third party or a party on behalf of SIERRA.
  11. SIERRA has the right to summon users to the SIERRA office if fraud and/or violations of terms and conditions are found that cause harm to other users, third parties, or SIERRA.
  12. Users hereby declare that they will release SIERRA (including the parent company, directors and employees) from claims for compensation for any claims or demands made by third parties due to violations of terms and conditions and improper use of SIERRA services.
  13. SIERRA members are not permitted to sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, give, hand over or transfer accounts, User Identity or passwords to third parties without the knowledge and prior written approval of SIERRA. SIERRA can suspend or terminate a SIERRA member’s account or the account of a party who receives a transfer from a SIERRA member who is sold, offered for sale, given, surrendered or transferred in violation of the provisions of this article. If with SIERRA’s limited ability to identify this violation, then all consequences, risks are the responsibility of the SIERRA member who diverts.

D. Account Closing Terms and Conditions.

Condition :

Users can apply for Account Closure by contacting the SIERRA Admin Team which is on the Contact Us menu;

Provision :

  1. SIERRA will conduct a preliminary examination of your SIERRA Account upon the proposed Account Closure;
  2. After SIERRA checks your account and SIERRA approves the request, your account will be closed and cannot be used again;
  3. Closing an Account on the SIERRA Platform does not make all transaction history associated with that Account disappear or be deleted. SIERRA has the right to store transaction history data during the retention period determined by SIERRA;
  4. If there are points/vouchers/benefits in any form in the Account for transactions that have been successfully carried out so far, then you agree that all points/vouchers/benefits are deleted, cannot be used and cannot be converted into any form;
  5. SIERRA has the right to refuse a request for Account Closure, if the SIERRA system finds that a transaction has not been completed such as the delivery of goods or a payment process that is still ongoing or there is any other reason then the system will reject the application for Closing Account SIERRA.
  6. If in the future you want to re-register as an Account owner at SIERRA, the Email, telephone number that was registered to the Account submitted for deletion, can still be used again;
  7. By closing an account, you are declared to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of closing an account and the Terms of Use and SIERRA’s Privacy Policy;
  8. SIERRA (including affiliated companies, Directors, Commissioners, Officers, and all Employees) is not responsible for any losses suffered by you as a result of closing this account;
  9. These Terms and Conditions for Closing an Account are an integral part of the SIERRA Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which may change at any time without prior notification.

E. Transactions and Terms of Delivery

  1. The Buyer is required to transact through the transaction procedures set by SIERRA using the payment method previously chosen by the Buyer, and then SIERRA will process the order according to the applicable provisions.
  2. SIERRA can only send each product that has been ordered by the User after knowing and getting payment funds from the User correctly and in accordance with the value of the product purchased or the nominal transaction from the User.
  3. All forms of complaints about delivery are the responsibility of logistics companies/delivery management companies that work with SIERRA. SIERRA will try to facilitate between the User and the logistics company/shipping provider company that cooperates with SIERRA, and in this regard the User agrees to release SIERRA for all claims and losses suffered by the User related to the product/service delivery process.
  4. Some items on the SIERRA website may not be in stock so prior ordering is required.
  5. Items that have been purchased cannot be returned or exchanged for other items, unless there is a prior agreement.
  6. Every maximum effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all the information contained. PT. SIERRA does not warrant with all due respect the accuracy of such data, including product specifications or editorials.
  7. SIERRA has the right to cancel credit card transactions if there is a purchase transaction using a credit card that violates legal provisions and/or SIERRA’s terms and conditions.
  8. Users hereby declare that they will release SIERRA (including the Parent Company, directors and employees) from claims for compensation for any claims or demands resulting from misuse of credit cards by other parties.

F. Price

  1. If under certain circumstances, there is an error in the price or information about a particular product caused by a typing error(typo) or price and information errors, SIERRA reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders that use the wrong price including orders that have already been paid. If the order has been paid for by credit card, and your credit card has been charged for the purchase, SIERRA will issue a refund according to the amount paid.
  2. SIERRA members acknowledge and agree that the prices listed on the SIERRA Site may change at any time and without prior notification.
  3. By placing an order through SIERRA, SIERRA members agree to pay the total fees that must be paid as stated on the payment page, which consists of the price of the goods. For shipping costs, and other costs that may arise and will be clearly described in the invoice that is sent when the goods are ready to be sent. SIERRA members agree to make payments through the pre-selected payment method.

G. Changes and Effective Time of Rules

  1. SIERRA may at any time make changes or updates to these terms. SIERRA recommends that users read carefully and check these terms from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access and use SIERRA’s services, the User is deemed to have agreed to the changes in these terms.
  2. The user will release SIERRA from claims for compensation and protect SIERRA (including affiliated companies, directors, commissioners, officers, as well as all employees and agents) from any claims or demands, including reasonable legal fees, made by third parties that arise as a result of the user’s mistakes including but not limited to violations of these rules, inappropriate use of SIERRA services, violations of the rights of third parties, violations of SIERRA’s Privacy Policy and/or violations of the User’s laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  3. The user agrees that SIERRA (including affiliated companies, directors, commissioners, officers, as well as all employees and agents) is not responsible and the user agrees not to hold SIERRA responsible for any damage or loss (including but not limited to loss of money, reputation, profits , or other intangible losses) that result directly or indirectly from hacking actions carried out by third parties to user accounts.
  4. SIERRA has the right to do things that are deemed necessary without prior notification, things that are not in accordance with SIERRA regulations such as cheating in the use of vouchers, member accounts and or violating SIERRA’s rules, SIERRA has the right to cancel transactions, cancel vouchers or block user member account.
  5. SIERRA also has the right to summon users to the SIERRA office if fraud and/or violations of the terms and conditions are found.
  6. Items that have been purchased cannot be returned or exchanged for other items, unless there is a prior agreement.
  7. SIERRA has the right to give a penalty for any misuse of transactions that use promos and or fake transactions in accordance with the losses caused by fraudulent transactions.


Users can submit questions, comments, or other needs in connection with this Terms and Conditions, including requesting the deletion of their personal data by contacting the SIERRA Admin Team by telephone at +62 896-3761-0897 (Whatsapp), (+6221) 4064 2051 (Call ), or email sales@sierra.id.