UPS SIERRA DI10S – UPS Industrial 1KVA (Include Battery)

Rp 17,100,000

UPS SIERRA DI10S is an Industrial type UPS with a capacity of 1KVA/0,8KW. This UPS has a design for internal batteries, this UPS can use batteries with a capacity of 12v7ah up to 12V9Ah as many as 6Pcs. This UPS is a full-digitized with European MCU controlled single phase input/single phase output online UPS. It provides reliable, stable, and constant AC power for computer equipment, telecommunication devices, precision equipment instrument, and network termination equipment (NTE). UPS systems protects all these devices from losing data or information due to power outage, interruption or disruption to truly and comprehensively solve power issues, such as power outage, power surge, voltage sags, temporary over-voltage, temporary under voltage, frequency offset,power disturbances, switching transients, and harmonic wave distortion. UPS INDUSTRIAL, UPS INDUSTRIAL HEAVY DUTY, UPS 1KVA, UPS INDUSTRIAL 1KVA, UPS LOW FREQUENCY, UPS SERVER, UPS LOW FREQUENCY 1KVA, UPS SERVER 1KVA, UPS DATA CENTER, UPS DATA CENTER 1KVA, LOW FREQUENCY, UPS TRANSFORMATOR, UPS TRAFO, UPS STAND ALONE.

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